Hawkes International Semiconductor                  
             Probing Nano Electronic Devices
Semiconductor Device E-Test Service

Hawkes International Semiconductor offers advanced DC, AC and pulsed
characterization of electronic devices and test structures, semiconductor and
dielectric materials for fab FEOL process development, device engineering and
failure analysis. These devices or structures include

  • NAND and NOR flash memory cells
  • Bipolar transistors
  • PN and P-i-N junctions, diodes (LED, solar cell/photodiode, APD)
  • Gate-controlled diodes
  • MOS Capacitors, high-K film stack test structures
  • Metal via/line and silicide contact structures

Our low-leakage I-V, C-V and pulsed probing capabilities are

  • Minimum voltage source and measure resolution: 100 nV
  • Minimum current source and measure resolution: 10 fA
  • C-V frequency: 20 Hz ~ 2 MHz. DC bias: 0~40 V
  • 120 MHz arbitrary waveforms and 100 MHz pulses, Vpp=20 V  
  • Chuck temperature range: 25 to 200 degree C
  • Whole (up to 12" diameter) or partial wafer probing
  • Fully-automated instrumental control and data acquisition via PC

Featured Device Characterization Methods

  • Charge-Pumping Method for FET interface trap density and trap emission time
    constant determination
  • Capacitance-Voltage Method to determine surface doping density,  flatband
    voltage, oxide thickness, interface trap density and threshold voltage of MOSFET
    and MOS-Capacitor, and doping depth profile of n+/p or p+/n junctions
  • Memory cell program/erase cycling degradation and characterization
  • Stress-Induced Leakage Current (SILC) of gate dielectrics. Negative/Positive Bias
    Temperature Instability (NBTI, PBTI) and hot carriers degradation  of FET
  • Gate-Controlled Diode Method for junction leakage current analysis   
We are your Device Lab.
Steps to Access E-Test Service

  1. Obtain a quote by emailing us (1) device schematics, pad/pin locations and
    labels, (2) Maximum voltage/current for device, (3) device parameters to be
  2. Place order online with credit card or other acceptable methods. The secure
    mode is used for online credit card data transfer. Your card will be charged
    ONLY after we send data to you.
  3. Ship wafers or devices together with PO number to us.

Please contact directly with us for task-based and time-based process consulting and
device test services. Our e-mail address is: